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February 14, 2014

Apparently the Year of the Wood Horse needed to be Watered.

Many things have happened at the office in the last week. We wanted to take a moment and write a post about it.

A month ago the unit next door had a water pump fail and leak. Water seeped into our unit and caused damage to the floor and walls. Many of you noticed some warping of the baseboards and flooring in the bathroom. We contacted our landlord immediately, sent him pictures and kept him updated.

After 3 weeks and several visits by insurance adjusters it was decided a crew would come in, pull up the affected flooring, cut a 2 foot "flood cut" in the walls, and start the drying process. The demolition was to take 3 hours and be done on a Sunday so as to minimize the disruption to our normal business routine. After 5.5 hours Brian went to the office with the hopes of putting things back in place so the treatments scheduled on Monday could happen. What he found was the demolition crew still there. He had a discussion with the lead and was told the damage was much more involved than originally thought and the crew would need to come back Monday and continue working for an estimated 12 hours to remove the entire floor, scrape away the residual glue, and put down a layer of antimicrobial onto every surface.

On Monday morning Brian was able to borrow a few treatment rooms from Anna Redman cMT and Michele Davis, some of our friends and colleagues, so those with treatments scheduled were still able to be seen. Monday evening we learned that all of our property had been packed by the demolition crew and stored in a near by garage so the office could dry for 4 more days. In addition, the handyman estimated that it would take "a couple weeks" once the repair work can begin.

The condition of the office at Bradburn was unacceptable to be in, let alone allow our patients to fully relax and enjoy their treatments. Due to the catastrophic damage, we chose to move the office on very short notice. With a quick search and some help from Brett from North Forest Office Space we were able to secure both temporary and long term clinic space in the same development. Our temporary office can be found at 12207 Pecos Street Suite 800. We will announce our new office address in a few months once the space becomes available. Thank you for your patience as we go through this transition a bit sooner than we planned. We look forward to the growth that this new office will bring starting with you. Please call us today to schedule your next acupuncture visit at 303.929.7334. Be well.

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