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Brian C. Mears L.Ac., MSOM

About Me

I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College (SWAC) in Boulder Colorado and graduated with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) in 2007. While at SWAC I completed 3000 hours of in class training as well as over 2000 hours of clinical training. In addition, I had the privilege of studying Japanese Acupuncture with Ted Hall of Boulder Colorado. Ted was a student of the late Sensei M. Nakazono, Aikido and Natural therapy master at the Kototama institute. This form of Japanese Acupuncture is gentle and effective, using pulse balancing to help return the body to a healthy state of equilibrium.

In 2009, I traveled to Shanghai, China to receive advanced acupuncture training with the international organization Acupuncture Without Borders as well as study ancient Chinese herbology with Dr. Li Xin. I have also spent hundreds of hours furthering his education by studying a global balancing approach to acupuncture treatments with Dr. Richard Tan as well as studying Chinese herbal diagnosis and prescribing with Dr. Li Xin.

Outside of the Oriental Medical Arts, I have training in Ancient Himalayan Cranial Therapy and hold certifications as a Master Practitioner in both the Usui System of Reiki and Karuna Healing Energy. These Japanese energetic healing modalities are based on the concept that the universal life force energy that surrounds, binds, and interconnects everything can be focused to pass through the practitioner's hands and into the patient's body to help correct imbalances in energy flow. I use these skills to enhance his conceptualization and sensitivity to the energy signature of the patient's body and to that of the universal whole, as well as to further the efficacy of his acupuncture treatments.

My extensive training and broad experience allow me to confidently specialize in pain management, emotional balancing, female health concerns, and building up a patient's inner strength.  I utilizes a hybrid of the gentle Japanese style of acupuncture and global balancing methods. The hybrid approach to treatment is based primarily on pulse reading, which allows me to monitor my patient's conditions during the course of treatment and get consistent results. The treatment process is very interactive, and is largely based on balancing the patient's pulses.

Brian and his dog Ketu
Moon Dragons and Brian C Mears


My practice of Intuitive Energy work is a uniquely cultivated skill that is a mixing of my training in Acupuncture, 3 different forms of Cranial Sacral therapies, 2 different types of Reiki, and 16 years of clinical experience. The combination of these practices has taught me how to look deeply in to a person's energy system to identify aspects few other energy workers have been able to identify.  Drawing on my ability to connect with other dimensions, I work in conjunction with light beings who know how to see and disentangle the existing energy mechanisms to free an individual system. This helps the patient to break free of the patterns of their past and embrace a productive form of healing.

In addition the the healing arts, I am a prolific artist who produces highly detailed expression of intuitive sacred geometry, channeled light language, multidimensional fractals, and, of course, dragons.  To view my artwork, please visit:

At the end of the day, I believe that the individual is responsible for their own healing and that the practitioner is simply there to assist it in re-discovering a path towards balance. Treatments with me typically include counseling, acupuncture and moxa, and often include cranial sacral along with other modalities that build on the body's resources and make tangible progress toward health.

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