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Intuitive Energy What?

Intuitive Energy Work

The practice of Intuitive Energy work is unique to each practitioner who chooses to cultivate their skills. At Mountain Spirit Acupuncture, Intuitive Energy sessions are a combination of Brian's training in acupuncture, 3 different forms of CranioSacral therapies, 2 different types of Reiki, and 16 years of clinical experience. The combination of these practices has allowed him to learn how to look deeply in to a person's energy system to identify aspects few other energy workers have been able to identify. Many people carry energies set into place from outside influences. These energies can come through myriad of sources such as ancestral lines, other star systems, non-human energies, and previous soul incarnations. Regardless of the source, the energies can intertwine with an individual's own wounds to cause them to become stagnant. It is common for an individual to seek out and actively process shadow, however seeing endless practitioners is not always enough to clear this influence from a person's systems. Drawing on his ability to connect with other dimensions, Brian works in conjunction with light entities who know how to see and disentangle the existing energy mechanisms to free an individual system. This allows the patient to break free of the patterns of their past and embrace a productive form of healing.


Intuitive Energy work begins with a conversation regarding where an individual feels stuck and what intentions they would like set that will help them move through their experience to the next level. Once an intention is clearly set, the work begins with the individual resting on a massage table while Brian scans their energetic systems. Once the blocking influences have been identified, they are isolated and removed from the individual leaving behind a vibrational space for healing to occur within.


Intuitive Energy sessions can be experienced in person or at a distance.

Prior to booking an appointment for Intuitive Energy work, please speak directly with Brian to determine if this is the best therapy option for you.

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